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Digital Revolution


Digital Revolution

Globalisation – a watermark term that invokes thoughts of inclusion, development, equality and integration. The ‘central axis’, technology. Increasingly seen as the way to stay competitive and get ahead. Technology is embraced in different ways by companies, individuals, governments and organisations reshaping the way things are done be it personal or in business to stay relevant.

‘Business and operating models when going digital all share two distinctive characteristics: they create products and services that are embedded with digital technologies, and they use digital channels to interact with their target audiences and clients’.

So where do people fit in? However digital, businesses and organisations cannot function effectively without people. The ‘people dimension’ is the key to unlocking value and ensuring sustainability of digitalisation.

Why? Areas such as leadership development and external talent acquisitions needs an entirely different and innovative approach in digital environments. The need to be prepared to move and evolve quickly, particularly to ensure all can participate in the digital environment.

Effective digital PR requires not just a digital transformation but people empowerment to achieve strategic objectives & successful lasting growth & inclusion,

Organisational leaders who are ready and willing to take broad sweeps, listen to employees, peers and customers engaging with them in digital or analogical ways are most likely to benefit from the ‘central axis’ to achieve a successful people centric organisational digital revolution.